Business Application Devolpoment

Web is getting more diverse and permeating into business processes like never before. Every business has a need to have web based applications to delivery some key performances.
At top level our web applications team covers a host of solutions
1. custom e-commerce application
2. database integration
3. portal development
4. an intranet/extranet application
5. content management system
6. process automation solutions
7. work flow applications
8. application user interface
9. share point applications

Whatever the need, the application development team is fully geared to build the application that will meet your business requirement and provide exceptional support and understanding of the ground level practicalities of how you work and what you need.

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There are challenges to face and problems to solve in every business and we know it as we run a growing business ourselves. The application development team along with our business consultants, work with a clear focus. to bring in technology and help you find answers to the business problems.

It’s the proven technical approach of incorporating repeatable processes and reusable components that helps us keep costs down and deliver high quality. A through knowledge of N-tier application development and custom software development ensures that all of our applications are both, flexible and scalable, able to respond to the shifting needs of today’s business, our impetus and expertise in Microsoft .net application development is a indicator this fact.

An important part of our process is the emphasis on system analysis and design. It ensures the application does what you want it to do and allows us to identify additional features that can provide additional benefit at a low cost. A good application design forms the foundation of a system that meets today’s needs and budget while allowing for flexible future expansion. Not to mention the choice of correct technology and development platform.

We have been working with a focused approach in the application development domain and created some exciting solutions for some industry verticals, travel and hospitality is one of them. We serve our clients in these verticals through our custom application development services which involves complex intranet web applications and process automation solutions, then there are specific functional areas like client relationship management, where we are working closely with our clients provisign them with solutions in the CRM domain.

If you have any query reqarding our CRM Software and intranet application and other customized web applications. Please fill a small form so that we can get back you soon with the exact possible solution.

Custamized Application Development:

Web application development as portrayed by the synergistic team of Eximtrack Soft Solutons is the skill of excogitating a web application that is conducive to your precise business need. We at Eximtrack Soft Solutons almost certainly have an application already made that will meet your requirements since we have shaped so many web applications over the years. However, we do not follow the footsteps of most of the organizations by promoting an off-the-shelf solution. Since we have gained considerable experience in developing process-oriented solutions with our customers, we have developed substantial proficiency in developing highly customized, efficient, low cost Web-Based Applications.

The team at Eximtrack Soft Solutons specializes in custom web application development and designs and develops custom web applications and software applications that are tailor-made to meet your needs in spite of your requiring more functionality or less. We have the option of building the application from scratch with your input and feedback every step of the way in case we do not already have an application that will solve your business needs.

Our custom web application development team starts with a concrete interpretation of your goals and work with you in close association to come up with the most apposite custom web applications that are speedily architectured, developed, tested and implemented since we truthfully understand that every client is confronted with unique business challenges. We assure that our clients get the right custom web applications – on time and within budget. In order to meet our goal i.e. to remain your partner of preference for custom web applications and smart business moves our team banks on leading-edge technologies so that your custom web applications will develop with your business; need minimum maintenance/support and engender business value.

We understand our client’s objectives – a custom web application featuring need-based and great-value functionality which helps to meliorate the bottom-line by escalating productivity, enhancing information & business process transparency and increasing business system effectiveness. This is the reason we have always concentrated on producing custom web applications that match – or surpass – our client’s objectives.

Eximtrack Soft Solutons has worked with its customers to develop a large variety of web-based applications to help customers reduce cost, increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and increase product standardization. Eximtrack Soft Solutons can deliver a turn-key solution to its customers, in that Eximtrack Soft Solutons will design, develop, serve, and maintain the applications for its customers, making it completely painless for any department within the customer’s facility to implement a desired application(s).

Eximtrack Soft Solutons can provide web consultation as well as web application development services. In order to make transacting with us extremely efficient, paperless, and accurate, we can put together these customized applications with the customer. We would be happy to discuss and exhibit our capabilities in more detail. We have worked with clients from several industries to build software applications that increase their efficiency. In all cases, our software is customized to fit the client’s needs and includes training and support and the feedback has always been positive. The advantage to you is lower cost, quicker utilization and peace of mind. We understand that every customer’s need is unique in business software!