Many companies throughout the world still rely on mainframe systems to support their infrastructure and business processes. However, finding software engineers with quality mainframe skills has become increasingly difficult due to the rising popularity of more modern technologies such as JEE and .NET. Eximtrack Soft Solutons helps companies overcome these challenges by providing strong mainframe competencies and a deep understanding of legacy systems.

Our Capabilities as Mainframe Service Provider

Eximtrack Soft Solutons provides end-to-end mainframe services that include legacy application lifecycle management services, critical mainframe application support, and tool-enabled migration and modernization services. Some of our mainframe services competencies include the following:

  • Mainframe support and maintenance of existing mainframe products
  • Software product development for mainframe platforms
  • Legacy system modernizations (e.g., moving to newer technologies like Java EE)
  • Code re-engineering and code conversion (e.g., Assembler to PL/1 or COBOL)

Documentation and technical writing