Global manufacturers are trying to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement, utilize existing capacity optimally and increase efficiencies, while maintaining product quality and meeting safety and regulatory norms. Eximtrack Soft Solutions manufacturing solutions provide you the bandwidth to innovate on business models, leveraging contemporary technology solutions.

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From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Eximtrack Soft Solutions has the world-class experience and expertise that you need. Email to Eximtrack Soft Solutions Pvt.

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Sales Partnership Details

Eximtrack Soft Solutions has three levels of partners: Gold, silver and resellers. Gold partners not only front end our solution, but also invest in pre-sales, deployment and support of our products. Silver partners invest in deployment resources and project management. Resellers engage with us in license sale to new customers.

Success Stories

We aim to be an organization, which is renowned for producing high quality software solutions to bring about wealth that can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Successfully implemented New York based DVDs for Veterans program

Successfully implemented intranet portal for Everest Group Outsourcing Database

Successful Implementation for online fashion outlet for Europen Market

Ecommerce Portal for fashion accessories for Style Scope, Morocco

Portal based for New York Nannies and childcare providers

Intranet portal for Everest Group Outsourcing Database

Successful Implementation for in-house software for ISKCON resolve

Nursing Portal for Education and Training of state operated hospitals in Australia