Structure Managemnt

Security and Compliance

Today’s organizations are concerned with protecting critical corporate information, guarding against data leakage, proactively monitoring, and mitigating threats, all while attempting to ensure compliance. Security breaches are imminent and many security breaches are financially crippling, causing business to lose millions of dollars as well as damaging their brand’s reputation.

Eximtrack Soft Solutions empowers customers to develop strategies to build and adhere to comprehensive security frameworks while implementing best-in-breed security solutions to meet industry practices and compliance requirements. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s portfolio of security services spans the entire technology life cycle and include expert consulting, integration and support services that are designed to help customers reduce vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and maintain a highly secure corporate infrastructure.

Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s Technology Services are built around proactive services from the industry’s highest certified technology experts – professionals who know and understand unique business needs and who expertly assist clients with supporting their infrastructure needs to ensure reliability, availability and productivity. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s consultants provide valuable services ranging from assessments to deployments, upgrades to migrations. All services are designed to ensure clients meet their operational and project goals on a scheduled basis while meeting compliance based objects through following industry best practices.

Leveraging the knowledge gathered during the planning and deployment activities, Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s engineers use their knowledge of organization’s overall infrastructure and support history to ensure stability and performance of client’s infrastructure. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s consultants have access to a wide range of technology specialists at both Eximtrack Soft Solutions and through OEM partners to bring additional knowledge and resources that will help expedite identifying and resolving IT infrastructure issues.

Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s Security and Compliance services help organizations to:

  • Meet increased regulatory compliance demands pertaining to security such as SOX, SEC, FSA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA
  • Align with industry best practices and maintain competitive advantages including COBIT, ISO27001, NIST, ITIL
  • Meet the need for strategies to implement effective and efficient security controls within the context of industry standard IT, governance, risk and compliance frameworks
  • Address external and internal security concerns including security incidents, audit findings and contractual obligations
  • Improve efficiency and consistency of security operations including standardization of security architecture and processes and common risk management processes
  • Improve security posture and awareness through knowledge and information to eliminate guesswork, fear, uncertainty and doubt

End User Computing

Enterprises of all sizes must design their future workplace to deliver value in new and dynamic ways. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s End User Computing (EUC) services help organizations derive greater business value by eliminating desktop infrastructure bottlenecks throughout the enterprise.

Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s End User Computing services offer comprehensive and flexible solutions using industry leading technologies that enable companies worldwide to transform and align their end user workplace infrastructure to “Mobility”, “Virtualization”, “BYOD” and “Cloud” models. Our extensive delivery experience encompasses end to end management of the workplace lifecycle including consulting, integration, support and maintenance.

Eximtrack Soft Solutions enable enterprises to consolidate and standardize their workplace infrastructure using DaaS, VDI, Managed Mobility Services, Windows 8 Migration, Application Packaging and Virtualization. With our proven delivery model and best-in-class technology expertise, we bring accelerated migration of Business Applications, user environments from physical workplace into Hybrid (Virtual and Mobile) workplace. Controlled Software Deployment, Asset and License Management and Stringent threat management are easily integrated with round-the-clock operations with our Global Multi-lingual Service Desk and Field Support.